• What is a Grail Hunt?

    Grail Hunts - or Mystery Boxes - are a fun way to build and expand your collection of Collectibles, Funko POP! and Designer Toys peppered with a bit of mystery and chance! Grail Hunts are a mix of commonly available collectibles, store and convention exclusives, and MEGA grails. Think of them as a blind box with a chance at something truly epic!

  • Why is Grail Hunt separate from the main VLTD site?

    In short - to keep things tidy! We have hosted a number of Grail Hunts throughout the years and have spent a great deal of time reflecting on how we could make things better not only for our customers but also for the brands that we proudly display. Our plan is to update Grail Hunt on a set schedule so you don’t need to wait for a communication from us to participate. This deliniation should also make it easier for customers who are looking for other items find them easily on the main VLTD site - and vice-versa for our customers who are only purchasing Grail Hunt boxes from us!

  • When is the next Grail Hunt?

    Funko Grail Hunts will be posted weekly on Fridays at 7PM ET. Grail Hunts featuring other brands and categories will not be released on a scheduled at this time.

  • Why can’t I order a mystery box and order / pre-order another item from VLTD?

    In order to efficiently process both Grail Hunt boxes and other in-stock items - and to manage customer expectations adequately - Grail Hunt boxes and in-stock / pre-order purchases will be fulfilled separately and in most cases at different facilities. This allows us to offer more frequent grail hunts and it also keeps the cost of shipping down!

  • Do you ship internationally?

    At this time, Grail Hunt boxes are only available to customers in the US and it's territories. Watch this space for updates!

  • Am I guaranteed to win one of the items in the product photo?

    Grail Hunts are a game of chance and there is no guarantee that you will receive one of the items on the main product photo regardless of how many boxes you purchase.

  • Is there a guaranteed value on Grail Hunt boxes?

    Unless otherwise specified on the product listing, there is no guaranteed secondary market value on Grail Hunt boxes.

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