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July Funko POP! Grail Hunt Mystery Box: Grand Prizes incl. UNRELEASED Golden State Warriors 2-Pack NBA Holy Grail, Freddy Funko Halloween POP! Digital, Blue Chrome Batman, & more! - SHIPS 07/15/22

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Funko POP! Grail Hunt Mystery Box! featuring an unreleased NBA Grail and the HOTTEST POP! Digital Freddy Funko's to date!

VLTD's July Grail Hunt Mystery Box is here and we're running it back one more time on perhaps the most interesting set of figures that has ever landed at VLTD HQ. That's right if you missed your chance in June, here's your chance at redemption!

You may have seen glimpses and some photos of the latest NBA Grail - maybe even some videos on our social media channels - and now is your chance to own one for yourself! We were able to obtain a handful of extremely limited and very rare Golden State Warriors 2-Packs featuring Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry that were meant to be Asia exclusives. This may very well be the only Funko NBA 2-pack ever made featuring a pair of NBA Finals and League MVPs! This set was due to land during the 2016-17 season - KD's first with the Warriors - but was cancelled at the very beginning of production due to a licensing issue. No one knows the exact count of how many of these 2-Packs will make it in to the hands of collectors, but if the value of some of the the rarer NBA figures (ie. Andrew Wiggins, Dirk Nowitzki, Pau Gasol, etc.) are any indicator - especially with newly minted NBA Champion Steph Curry finally landing his first NBA Finals MVP - this could become a grail of epic proportions. 

But wait! There's more! The most sought after and hotly anticipated Freddy Funko NFT Redeemable POP! have just landed and we are including them as prizes in this mystery box! Freddy Funko as Skeleton, Freddy Funko as Vampire, and Freddy Funko as Devil are also available prizes in this mystery box!

It has always been our goal to keep these as close to the retail price of a Funko POP! while still offering a broad selection and a decent mix of products so even non-winner boxes still have a nifty consolation prize. This box is actually priced just shy of the retail price of a Funko POP! at just $11.95! We'll continue to keep trying to bring the price down while keeping things fun and REALLY exciting for the big winners!

Grand Prizes Include:
Stephen Curry & Kevin Durant Golden State Warriors 2-Pack - An Unreleased Asia Exclusive! - PPG $1,250
Freddy Funko as Devil #12 - Funko Digital NFT Redeemable POP! - PPG $550
Freddy Funko as Skeleton #13 - Funko Digital NFT Redeemable POP! - PPG $250
Freddy Funko as Vampire #14 - Funko Digital NFT Redeemable POP! - PPG $300
Batman (Blue Chrome) - SDCC 2017 Toy Tokyo Exclusive - PPG $220
Freddy Funko as Space Robot (Silver/Blue) LE2000 - SDCC 2018 Exclusive - PPG $90
Mr. Burns Glow-in-the-Dark Chase - PX (Diamond Comics) Exclusive - PPG $70
Notorious BIG (Platinum Edition) - LE5000 Hot Topic Exclusive - PPG $49
Bigfoot (Rainbow) - Funko Shop Exclusive - PPG $42

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the size and different shipping requirements of some of the prizes the lucky recipients of the figures listed above will receive a voucher inside of their mystery box with a secret code and instructions on how to redeem their prize!

Mystery boxes will ship on Friday 07/15/22 and Monday 07/18/22 and will ship in weekly waves every Friday thereafter until all boxes have been sold! The weekly cutoff date for the next wave of shipments is 2 business days before at approximately 5PM EST. We want to keep this fun and exciting, so we always plan our mystery boxes in this manner to avoid any potential spoilers before the run of mystery boxes have been completely sold through.

PLEASE BE AWARE BEFORE PURCHASING: Non-winner boxes have a very high probability of being a "common" figure that we can all but guarantee isn't going to put your kids through college. Purchase this only if you want a super cheap chance at a MEGA grail or if you're looking to have some fun with the mystery -not as an investment!

  • What This Grail Hunt Contains

    Each Grail Hunt box will contain a single Funko POP! with a random chance at a grail or super grail! These are randomly sprinkled in and no guarantee that you will receive one of the figures in the photo regardless of how many mystery boxes you purchase.

  • Value & Ratios

    There is no guaranteed secondary market value on this box and retail exclusives make up roughly 40% of this Grail Hunt. The edition size of this Grail Hunt is 500 pieces.

    Top prizes are random and there is no guarantee that you will receive one regardless of how many Grail Hunt boxes you purchase!

  • Please Be Aware Before Purchasing

    Non-winner boxes have a very high probability of being a "common" figure that we can all but guarantee isn't going to put your kids through college. Purchase this only if you want a super cheap chance at a MEGA grail or if you're looking to have some fun with the mystery -not as an investment!

A Note About Shipping

If you order a single mystery box, it will ship USPS first class - please be aware that USPS is experiencing high volumes and unprecedented disruptions in service due to COVID-19. Once your mystery box has shipped, it is very likely that your tracking information will not update until it is out for delivery to you. This is not uncommon right now.

The Not So Fine Print

We can only guarantee that you will receive a single (1) random Funko POP. There is no guaranteed PPG value on this Grail Hunt box and, of course, no guarantee (though your odds do increase!) that you will receive a specific item regardless of how many Grail Hunt boxes are purchased. All stickered and vaulted POP! will ship in a complimentary .45mm PopShield Protector and all "common" POP! will ship in a corrugated (and sturdy!) sorter box without a protector. All Grail Hunt boxes have been pre-packed, so your prize is as much of a mystery to us as it is to you. There is no limit to how many boxes you can purchase, however, please be aware that orders over 12 boxes will be treated as an over-sized package. Boxes that do not include a grail or grand prize will include a random Funko POP - many of which are common but also include retailer and convention exclusives as well as chases and vaulted Pops. We try our best to include a diverse offering in our Grail Hunt boxes, but in ordering multiple boxes please know that there is a possibility that you will receive a duplicate. 

Due to the nature of this item, all sales are final and absolutely no exchanges or returns will be accepted.